Amazing Tips To Get The Best Eyelashes.

Eyelashes are a beauty enhancer. They are an add on to the beauty of your eyes. The longer the eyelashes the more beautiful your eyes appear. But in today’s scenario it is very difficult to have such beautiful and long eyelashes. Rare are the cases wherein there is no such problem of eyelashes, because these people are either genetically blessed with such eyelashes or their body is rich in all the essential vitamins.
Every girl or lady wishes to have such long lashes. But, at some point of time you tend to lose your lashes. This loosing of eyelashes is a big issue of concern. The reasons are many and vary from person to person. There is no one such particular reason for loosing of eyelashes. Here we discuss about some of the reasons for loss of eyelashes and the solution and more than that how to make them longer and heavier. 
These are some of the most common reasons for lashes fall out.

This is an inflammation of the eyelids caused by excessive growth of a bacteria that is ordinarily found on the skin. One more reason is due to the blockage of the eyelid’s oil glands or even allergies. This condition can cause eyelids to be reddened or itchy. Sometimes swollen also. Belpharitis cannot be cured but it can be treated and controlled through proper eyelid hygine.

As we all know that chemotherapy comes with a lot of dis advantages, falling of eyelashes is one amongst those disadvantages. This has a direct effect on the hair follicles. The effect may be for short term and long term. If some such condition occurs then consult your doctor before switching on for any of the product.

Natural Eyelash Loss:
Apart from all these conditions eyelashes can fall of naturally also. Just like our hair fall off naturally and regrow, same way our lashes fall and regrow. Various factors like environment also cause eyelashes to fall off. Try to avoid improper rubbing of eyes and keep dirty hands away from the eyes, in order to avoid falling of eyelashes.

What Affects Our Lashes?

When it comes to our eyelashes, there are many factors other than aging that can affect the way they look, their volume, or how fast they fall out. Many of these factors are associated with our lifestyle. The way we eat, the nutritional value of our diet, our makeup routines, our makeup cleansing routines, the products we use, and the care we take of our overall health and beauty all play a very important role. Some simple lifestyle modifications can go a long way, and here are some tips to start with:
1.Make sure to incorporate into your healthy diet the nutrients that your lashes need for growth. Include a variety of proteins, Biotin-rich food (such as broccoli, nuts, onions, kale, and cauliflower), Vitamins A & C-rich food (like avocados, orange, and lemon), Vitamin B-3 (chicken, turkey, fish, beef, peanuts, and avocado), and iron (found in dark leafy veggies, seafood, and beans).
2.In case your diet falls short of such nutrients, taking a multivitamin supplement should do the trick.
3.Make sure the products you use are authentic, and it’s better to always get the consult with a specialist before using any.
4.Always cleanse your skin from makeup before going to bed. Sees those little mascara smudges left? Make sure you get all of them.
5.When it comes to taking off eyelash extensions or false lashes, take very good care and remove them gently. You don’t want to pull out your natural lashes with them too.

1- Mascara

Mascara is known for its instant effectiveness: darker, shinier, and thicker-looking eyelashes. They achieve this effect as a result of the wax, resin, pigments, and other ingredients they contain. After they are applied and left to dry, they add an extra layer of volume to the eyelashes.
There is a very wide variety of mascara available, some of which are for pure aesthetic purposes, while others have eyelash enhancing properties. If you’re looking for more than the temporary effect of the mascara that goes away as soon as you wash them off, you might want to get a mascara that also acts as a conditioner at the same time. Another cool option mascara gives you is the ability to switch between shades and tints of colors, keeping a fresh look every other time!

2- Eyelash Extensions

When speaking of eyelash extensions, what comes to mind is usually fake sets of eyelashes that get glued into the eyelid. While there are quite the different options of artificial eyelashes you can use, eyelash extensions are a bit different. They’re also different than eyelash transplants. So what exactly are they?
Eyelash extensions are usually made of synthetic materials, such as nylon or silk, and crafted in a way that looks just like the natural eyelashes. You can also find a natural option of extensions made of natural fur. The fiber extensions are glued into the eyelid right between your own lashes, one fiber at a time, or a few at the same time together. It’s like adding new strands of lashes, but without the whole surgical procedures, resulting in extra volume, enhanced length, and an overall look of thicker eyelashes. They are no permanent solution, however, as they fall out alongside the natural lashes when they run their course. At an average rate, they take around a month to fall off.

3- Eyelash Serums

Eyelash serums are the latest in the trend, promising great results that are backed up with scientific evidence. Xlash is one product that is actually widely known for their eyelash serum which actually works wonders if you use it consistently. These serums typically have an active ingredient that works on the Anagen phase of the hair follicle, resulting in longer, fuller and fluffier lashes. This active ingredient also has the ability of inducing the Anagen phase, which means you won’t have to wait for the next cycle for you fallen lash to grow.
How to use:
1.Before you apply the serum, or any sort of make up generally, make sure your face is freshly washed and clean. Avoid applying the serum on any existing makeup, including any and all remains of eyeliners and mascara. Make sure you’re not wearing any contact lenses either.
2.Dip the applicator into the serum, making sure to remove the excess liquid. Remember what we said about how more is not better? The serum is already present in a very high concentration, enough to keep its effects lasting for a long period of time.
3.While taking good care of not getting any serum into your eyes (they burn sometimes!), stroke the tip of the applicator across the baseline of your eyelid, where the hair follicles break out of the skin. Think of applying an eyeliner: start from the inner side and all the way through to the outer end of your eyelid.
4.Allow your eyelids to absorb the serum on their own, no rubbing or massaging. This usually takes a minute and a half or so.
5.It is best if you follow this routine right before bedtime. If you opt for any other time, make sure you don’t apply any other makeup before the serum is fully absorbed.
6.While more is not better, consistency is definitely what’s better. Apply no more than once a day, but make sure to keep it a habit.
7.You should also take care of not getting the serum anywhere else on your face. You don’t want, well, unwanted hair in other areas of your face… do you?
After around 4 weeks, you’ll start to see results, but don’t stop! Experts recommend 8 weeks of regular application for the best results. Afterwards, it’s recommended to use it once or twice every week to sustain the effects. Take a month break every six months, experts also advice, so your lashes won’t become dependent on the serum for growth.

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