How Can Oral Thrush Be Prevented

Thrush (or also called stomatitis) is an inflammation that attacks the mouth, may in the oral cavity, inner lip, tongue, gums and palate. Thrush does not include dangerous diseases, but very annoying. Because in addition to pain, also may feel very sick.

Below we will convey the following factors causes canker sores natural remedies / herbal and non-herbal medicine to treat it.

Some of the common factors that cause thrush include:
Poor oral hygiene.
Sores in the mouth, can be caused by a drink or food that is too hot, fried in cooking oil that was not good.
Lack of vitamin C.
Body condition is less fit, any allergies, infections and other.

Some drugs thrush natural / traditional medicine for canker sores that are often used include:

Drink boiled water sage leaves or reeds.
Rinsing the mouth with turmeric water scour.
Drinking water boiled guava leaves. A handful of fresh guava leaves plus one knuckle cashew stem bark boiled in 1 liter of boiling water. Her drink filtered water 2x a day.
Drinking green coconut water young.
Drink honey water, apply the honey to the wound sariawannya.
Betel leaves, take two pieces of fresh betel leaf, washed and then chew until creamed. Leave it on the wound for a while.

In addition to traditional medicine as above, some non-herbal drugs that are well known include:
FG Trochees, shapes and how to eat like candy

Albothyl, which is applied directly on the wound. These drugs are very sore, so many people avoid it.
Rinsing the mouth with mouthwash / mouthwash. There mouthwashes containing betel leaf.
Drinking refreshing solution.
Increase the consumption of fruit and drinking water.

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