How To Do The Prettiest & Classic Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

When creating a Valentine’s Day makeup look, we love the idea of a simple bronze, smokey eye paired with a bold red lip. It’s a fun spin on your traditional dark, smokey eye and red lip pairing.  Here’s how to get the look.


It is best to prep your skin first start of with cleansing your face so that excess oil and dirt removes from your pores, then tone your skin so that it hydrates and dry patches does not so when you finally apply makeup then go ahead and apply moisturizer according to your skin type, if you have n oily to combination skin go with an oil free moisturizer, try and do it atleast half an hour before you start doing your makeup.

Moving on, when you start with your makeup first of apply your favourite lip balm to your lips, as moisturising your lips is as important, then go ahead and apply a primer to your skin starting from the center of your face as it closes all your pores helps in application of makeup very easy also help in making your makeup last longer. Trust me using primer once you will see a huge difference.

Next comes your base but if you have an eyeshadow that have fallouts then do your eyemakeup first so that you can clean any fallouts easily, but first apply a primer to your lids, if you have oily lids it helps control oil and if not the eyemakeup stays on forever. Just kidding, but it does feel like forever.

If you want flawless skin and have acne or pimples use a green colour corrector and blend with your fingers, if you have black pigmentation under you eyes ir around you mouth like i do use an orange colour corrector l.a girl hd conceal have such great range of concealers for every skin tone and such good correctors nd little goes a long way.

If you do use any colour corrector then do it before applying your foundtion, and immediately applying both set it with a compact powder concentrating more on conceled areas. Next if you want instagram beauty gurus look, then go for higlighting and contour, but little contouring doesn’t hurt any body, it gives your whole look a different dimension, try it and you will see the difference.

For party look it is best to highlight the high zones of your face this will help you have good and glowing pictures. For blush apply it starting from your hair line and lightly on the apple of your cheeks, build it if you like more, or blend if you like less. And last the lipstick, remove excess mosturiser from your lips with a tissue before doing your lips, and then line your lips with colour close to the colour you’re using for your lipstick, and cover your lips with it, then go ahead and apply your lipstick, this will ensure that your lipcolour stays on for long, and last if you want it to stay for even long spritz some makeup setting spray on. And you are done.

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