Top 10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

What better way to accompany your Halloween costume than to don some really cute and spooky Halloween nail art? Halloween is a time to be creative and you can simply go out of your way to get that perfect Halloween look that you have been planning for months. Halloween nail art can help improve your costume or enhance your makeup. No matter which way you use it, you will definitely have fun in making and wearing it.

If you want to have your own Halloween nail art you should choose which design you can start working with. There are many themes that you can pick from and you may want to start with an easy design. What’s important is you can recreate that design on your nails just in time for your costume this Halloween. There are so many fun designs to choose from and depending on the costume or character that you are going s, you should pick the one that suits your costume theme the best
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Prepare neon and black polish for your skull nails. This is to help enhance the skull effect by dulling the background and giving the skull a very loud and daunting effect. This nil art is perfect for with costumes or even throwback retro outfits.
2/10 – Top 10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas
To start choose at least five neon polishes of your choice, the more variety the more life will be given to your skull nails, if you want to go with just a single color then you can do so as long as it fits your costume theme. The black polish for the skulls should at least be black lacquer; this is so that the skulls will not chip that easily. Even though you say that you will protect the design with the clear coat on top, it still helps that the skull polish itself is long lasting. Start by applying the neon base coats on your nails. Double coat if not even enough and make sure they are dry before applying the skull designs on top.
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Begin your skull art by painting two oval shapes alongside each other; these will serve as the skull’s eyes. Paint the ovals near the base of your nails as the skulls will be facing you from base to tip of the nails. Draw the nose by painting a heart upside down. Or you can also try painting two ovals that slant towards each other and connecting in the middle. You can then proceed to draw the teeth with a striper brush or a simple toothpick when you don’t have one. You can even use a dried out felt tip pen for more precision drawing. Do the same for the rest of the nails. When you are done, make sure that the skulls are dry before you coat the top off clear polish.
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This nail design is a more farfetched one and will involve a lot of colors and painting. Since zombies are pretty messy and gory, you will have to exercise your inner goriness and fascination with brains; the zombies’ all time favorite snack. Find the most number of nail polish that you can scrounge. It is also important that you get the perfect green color as your base coat. Some other important colors that you ought to secure for the perfect zombie nails are black, red, yellow, white and purple. You can combine these colors to create blood, dirt and bruises.
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Start by painting on your base coat. Make sure the base is dry before you coat your top colors. It’s good to try uniform colors such as green for your nails. This can give you the full effect of zombie nails. Compared to skull nails. You can be more creative and free with the zombie nails. It is important to plan out what you want your zombie nails to come out. You can try painting on blood splatters with the red polish as well as scary eyes and stitches. You can also try cutting off some masking tape to shape them as protruding teeth from your nails.

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