How To Make A Distinctive Makeup

There are some common mistakes that many of us may make when making makeup. What are these mistakes and how can they be avoided?


Mistake 1: Identify the lips in black

Many women – especially black-skinned women – believe that black is the most appropriate color to identify their lips. But the opposite is true; black is a very dark color, and it is not preferable to use it to identify the lips, regardless of the color of the lipstick used, because black lips make the lips appear dark circles around them, which spoils the overall appearance of the makeup.

Solution: Select the skin using natural selection colors that are compatible with all types of lipstick.


Mistake 2: Put the make-up directly above the skin

Often, as a result of the urgency, you have to put makeup (such as powder, concealer or foundation cream) on your skin immediately after washing, making the makeup quickly spoil and “shed” on the skin soon after.

Solution: Wait 10 minutes after washing your face, then put make-up. If you want to install the foundation cream after putting it on the skin, then pass a cube of ice on your face after the foundation cream is good.


Mistake 3: Consler color is not suitable for skin

Many people think that using a very light conciliator is more suitable to hide dark circles around the eye. But the opposite is true. The function of the concealer is to hide the dark spots in the face. If you use a lighter color than your natural skin, you will make this place lighter than normal, which will draw attention to it more.

Solution: Choose the color of the skin so that it is the same color as your skin or open one degree.


Mistake 4: the colors of make-up very light

Some follow the fashion of make-up no matter how appropriate the colors of this fashion to their skin, making the makeup form inappropriate – and sometimes funny – quite. For example, the colors of the fashion make-up this season are light or bright colors, do these colors fit your skin?

Solution: Choose the natural make-up colors that depend on the structures, rouges and beige. These colors are compatible with all the skin tones and make the face appear to be inflamed and does not give a stark or annoying appearance.

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