How To Lose Weight With Swimming Workouts

Swimming is a non-impact and full-body workout which requires use of all your main muscle groups. When you swim, you have a lot of natural resistance from the water, which ensures burning a lot of calories, making it a good exercise for weight loss.



Swim for a set amount of time

Swimming can help with weight loss for a set amount of time. Perform dynamic stretches when you move your arms and legs. Swim for 45 to 60 minutes in a lap pool with a moderate tempo, through a range of motion several times. Arm swings, spinal rotations, side steps, lunges and deep-knee bends are perfect for performing dynamic stretches.

Do some intervals

Intervals are an excellent way to maintain your metabolism after you have finished with swimming. Swim about 5 laps at a low intensity, then on your 6 lap, start to swim harder. Do this 10 to 12 times, and finish with five laps in low intensity.

Use swimming in a exercising routine  

Start with a 10-minute run, then ride a bike for a 20 minutes, do 10 sets jumping with a rope for 100 times separated with 30-second of rest periods, and finish with jumping in the pool. In the pool, do 10 fast laps, separated with 30-second of rest periods.

Water aerobics

To include some water aerobics into your routine, you will definitely need a pool with a shallow end. Start with swimming for 10 minutes, then come to the shallow end and run forth and back from one side to the other for 5 times. Take a rest period of 60 seconds, then repeat the swimming and running routine for about 45 – 60 minutes.

Swim regularly

In order for any weight loss program to work properly, you must be constant. Remember that swimming once a week won’t complete your desired results. You need to swim three times a week minimum and remember to mix up your exercising routine by doing long swims, swims at low or high intensity, doing intervals or combine swimming with other exercises.

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