How to Repair the Myelin Sheath with Food – 6 Tips and You Will Help Maintain the Part’s Functioning

The myelin sheath is composed of 70% fat and is a part of the body that helps in transmitting nerve signals. Once this part is damaged, the memory and other specific bodily movements will be affected.

The good news is that there are certain foods that can be used to repair this supposedly health body fat. If you do not want the part to be impaired, learn to repair the myelin sheath with food through the following tips.

Tip #1: Eat foods rich in inositol and choline.

Inositol is best noted for the support it can provide for the nervous system. Some of the best food sources for this amino acid are bananas, vegetables and nuts. Choline, on the other hand, is of great help in disallowing bad fats from interfering or coming into the body. It can be sourced out from nuts, beans, beef and eggs.

Tip #2: Eat foods that contain essential B vitamins.

An example is rice, lintel and pork – these ones contain B-1 or thiamin. Then there is tuna and yogurt, foods that contain B-5. Cereals, whole grains and dairy food are also good B vitamin sources. These nutrients are considered essential in repairing the myelin sheath in that they help carry oxygen to the body while also burning unwanted fat.

Tip #3: Essential fatty acids are also important in the repair of the myelin sheath.

This can help enhance the myelin sheath’s fat content. This can be sourced out from a lot of foods including salmon, kidney beans and walnuts. Olive oil as well as avocados is considered abundant sources of essential fatty acids as well. These are said to be sources of the healthy Omega-3 fat.

Tip #4: Include copper-containing foods in the diet.

The myelin sheath can be repaired using the so-called copper-dependent enzyme. If this enzyme is not present, then all other nutrients mentioned in tips 1 to 3 will not be able to perform their tasks. Copper can be sourced out from foods like pumpkin seeds, lentils, almonds, semisweet chocolate and sesame seeds.

Tip #5: Eat fish.

Do this at least twice a week and the myelin sheath will thank you for doing so. Fish can make up not only a heart-healthy diet but a brain-healthy diet as well. This will essentially help in the functioning of the myelin sheath.

Tip #6: Munch on some healthy snacks.

You might not be preparing a healthy snack for the longest time now. This is the time you munch on something that is healthy if you do not want to impair the myelin sheath. You can make guacamole dip or use avocado oil when preparing zesty salads instead of munching on junk foods.

Tip #7: A balanced diet tops all considerations.

Repairing the myelin sheath and keeping healthy body fat will only be possible with a well balanced diet. This means you should have enough supply of every food nutrient in your body. You must avoid eating processed foods as well as those rich in sugar though.

These are six simple tips you can make use of if you want to maintain healthy body fat through the myelin sheath. You need to change your lifestyle as healthy as possible to avoid impairing this essential body component.


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