What Are Breast Augmentation Problems?

Breast augmentation is considered by many women for different reasons. Some just want to improve their look and their self esteem and others are in pursuit of a modeling job or want to impress a man. Implants are the most known breast augmentation method, but also the most expensive and riskier one.

Breast augmentation problems vary a lot and can take a multitude of forms. In what concerns implants, first of all there are the implicit risks that are associated with any surgery like infection or scar tissue. Besides this, women with implants can also suffer of rupture or capsular contraction.

These usually require other surgical interventions and might end up even in losing breast tissue. The aspect of breast implants is another controversial issue and might cause problems. Shifting of the implants or asymmetry is not at all uncommon.

Many studies still need to be done in order to be aware of the breast augmentation problems on the long run. The silicone in the implants can migrate in the breast tissue and the effects of this happening are not yet fully known. It is not clear if implants have an impact on unborn babies either.

Some specialists also assume that there is a connection between breast implants and serious medical conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. This isn’t proven yet, but it seems to be enough to scare many women. There are also questions concerning the ability of women with implants to breast feed. It is believed that silicone might affect the baby in ways that are not yet understood.

Some breast augmentation problems are still theories, but one thing is for sure: implants haven’t been around for long enough to allow the determining of side effects on the long run. What is known so far is that many women complain about the fact that their sensation in the breast area has changed and they feel pain or discomfort. If problems with implants occur, removal surgery is sometimes the only possible solution. Otherwise, depending on the nature of the problem, the sufferer might even risk her life.

Breast augmentation problems especially occur if the chosen augmentation method is the surgical one. Women that decide to increase their breast size by other methods face far less problems than women with implants.

There are herbal remedies with properties similar with those of hormonal pills that promote breast augmentation. They are the safest method and they keep women away from problems like infection, additional surgeries or cosmetic disasters.


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