10 Yoga Moves For Weight Loss

So what are these yoga moves for weight loss that you can do it. Well, It’s logical to think that since weight loss depends for the most part on diet, in order for an exercise regimen to make a tangible impact, it has to be demanding. However, some Yoga moves of very low intensity have been proven to boost mental focus and improve flexibility, thus significantly enhancing the possibility of weight loss.

Yoga works best for weight loss if you start out from the more simpler moves and then gradually progress to the more challenging ones. The following are 8 no-brainer Yoga moves that can help incinerate excess fat and sculpt out sleek curves and muscles.

1. Basic Squats

A plain Surya Namaskar is a great way to kick off a Yoga session for weight loss. This squatting sequence is all about squatting half way and slowing rising back up repetitively, with a simultaneous systematic inhaling and exhaling. This helps in priming the skeletomuscular system for the more intense moves. Simple squats impress upon the thigh muscles, strengthening and toning them in the process.

2. Chair

Drop your hips to knee level, then raise your arms high. Try to catch a glimpse of your toes in this pose, but don’t go too hard at this. Continue to inhale and exhale systematically ( try 5 heavy breaths in this position).

3. Raising a Leg While Standing

While in a standing position, lift your legs in turns, taking care to inhale and exhale systematically. This move makes an instant impact on your knees, thighs and mid-section. Carry out this move repetitively to spread its fat-burning and muscle-toning effects inch by inch through out the entire body.

4. Superman Pose

Lying face down with your forehead on the mat and legs clipped together, stretch your arms forward with your palms down. Drawing on the muscles in your button and abdomen, slowly raise your arms and legs vertically. In doing this, you raise the upper and lower sections of your body above ground, leaving your pelvis and lower belly to do the heavy lifting. Although the impact of this is felt immediately in your lower belly, the effects are far reaching, affecting your shoulders, arms, back and hamstrings. Don’t forget to take a number of heavy breathes while in the pose.

5. Bow Pose

Remain lain on the mat, forehead on the mat, and your arms extended sideways with palms turned upwards. While exhaling, bend your knees and move your heels inwards toward your bottom. Lock your arms around your ankle, with your knees apart by hip-width. While inhaling, slowly raise your chest and things above ground by pulling your heels away from your bottom. This move works on your chest, arms, abdomen, legs and hips. Wind down the move by slowly lowering and releasing your ankles.

6. Dolphin Push-ups

In an all four position, rest your forearms on the ground, with shoulder-distance between them. With your toes tucked, slowly raise your hips. While inhaling in this position, slowly drop your hips towards your thumb. As your feet are placed too close to your elbow, your chin can only hover above your forearm. Slowly return to the dolphin pose in an exhale. Repeat five times or more.

7. Downward Dog to Half Plank Sequence

This is a more demanding power yoga position that engages your core strength. It’s basically entails lifting your legs as high up as possible from a downward dog pose and then moving it forward. This does tremendous work on your abdominal body.

8. Wheel

Lying on your back, plant your feet on the ground and bend your knees upwards. With your hands placed on either side of your head, shoulder distance between them and fingers pointing inwards, raise your hips and draw up your arms. In this pose, your feet remains rooted to the ground as your chest backs away from it. Take five long breathes in this position, and hold your chin towards your chest while you’re winding down the move.


Yoga is much more efficacious weight loss strategy because it touches the individual as a whole; spirit, mind and body. As a consequence of this, it helps strengthen resolve in decision-making concerning lifestyle changes. Therefore the more you practice yoga, the better you are at cultivating yourself to attain weight loss and body build goals.


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