23 Easy ways to get fitness in everyday life

23 Easy ways to get fitness in everyday life. Here are You Go….

    • Try to align your body clock with nature, early to bed and early to rise.
    • Drink two glasses of lukewarm water, first thing in the morning. Add some honey or Apple Cider vinegar or just a few drops of lemon Juice.
    • Did some exercise, yoga or go for a morning walk. You can increase the intensity once you enjoying it.
    • Stop taking shortcuts, while moving around. If possible take the stairs. Always try to walk extra steps.
    • Include seasonal fruits or dry-fruits in breakfast. It will help to maintain the PH level of your body.
    • Cut down the white sugar from your intakes, instead use Jaggery.
    • Include some portion of curd or buttermilk in your lunch.
    • Stop eating junk food, processed food and packed food.
    • Avoid packed Namkeen (Snacks), instead, take roasted chickpeas or roasted gram.
    • Increase intake of protein-rich food and fiber, avoid carbohydrates without fiber (like – Maida). Also, increase the intake of seasonal vegetable or pluses in your food.
    • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
    • Switch to Mustered oil or Olive oil.
    • Avoid carbonated drinks like soda or cold-drinks. Drink buttermilk or dairy products instead.

  • Do fasting once in a week it will help your body to restore itself.
  • Cut down on caffeine intake, switch to green tea.
  • If you are in sitting job then take small breaks in each hour.
  • Play games like table tennis or badminton.
  • Ensure the gap of at least two hours between your dinner and bedtime.
  • Eat half the meal in your dinner in comparisons to your lunch.
  • Consume one glass of hot milk before going to the bed.
  • Message your foot palm before sleep.
  • Do not use mobile before going to the sleep, it will disturb your sleep.
  • Keep your worries aside before going to the bed. Worrying will not solve your problems but instead, it will disturb your sleep and will create more problems.

That’s all I can think now. Don’t be hard on yourself otherwise you will give up. Start with the few points which you can include easily in your routine.


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