How To Learn The Art Of Indian Make-up

When putting Indian make-up you have to be very careful, because the Indian make-up is characterized by many colors and overlapping, try to follow the right way to put Indian make-up in order to get the results dazzling.

Before putting Indian make-up, make sure to:

• Clean and moisturize the skin.

• Apply foundation cream to the entire face and neck.

Steps to make Indian make-up:

• Apply blemishes on the perimeter of the eyes.

• Makeup make-up using free powder.

• Put the violet shade above the moving eyelid, place under the lower eyelashes in the form of a wide line with a light movement until it appears transparent.

• Place dark orange directly above the violet shade at the border between the eyelid and the fixed eyelid.

• Also use the same color under the lower eyelashes.


• The yellow shadow cutter under the eyebrow painting, starting from the corner of the inner eye, then put a little under the orange color that you put before when the lower eyelid of the eye.

• Draw a thin line in the eye by a violet-colored eyeliner from the center of the eye to the outer corner, and make the line extending from the same angle towards the inside until the center of the eye at the lower eyelashes.

• Blush the eyelashes with mascara in black and then paint your eyebrows in dark brown.

• Set your lips in dark orange.

• Apply orange lipstick touches, then add bronze touches to your cheeks.


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